About Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

Roll all your loans into a single loan and reduce your overall debt amount and excessive interest rates

With Debt Consolidation, businesses borrow the right amount to pay off existing debts. Now instead of paying off multiple different loans, businesses only need to repay a single debt consolidated loan. As a result of paying off all existing loans, the business is able to minimise or remove excessive interest rates and ultimately reducing the overall debt amount and simultaneously reduce the life of the debt.

Our team can roll your loans into a single debt consolidated loan & lower your debt amount.

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Get the right loan for your business needs

We understand that every business is different and circumstances vary, that is why we tailor financial solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses and their circumstances. If your business needs are similar to the below examples, Archery Capital can help with a short term business loan solution.

Debt consolidation & refinancing

Some businesses may find it difficult to manage their debts and may choose to roll all their loans into a single loan. Let Archery Capital help you take control of your business.

Turnaround and restructuring

Businesses can sometimes struggle in cases of receivership during the pre-insolvency stage. If a receiver has been appointed to your company, we can help negotiate on your behalf.

Cash flow injection

Businesses may need cash flow to operate more effectively. Businesses may require assistance with strengthening their trading cash flow or need short term funding to acquire new equipment or pay off tax debt.

Raising funds for growth opportunity

Businesses may require a large sum of capital before it can generate or return profitability, in this case, Archery Capital help raise funding.

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Summary of Refinance & Debt Consolidation Features

Refinance & Debt Consolidation financial solution by the numbers.


Rates from 1% per month


A loan facility of up to $5M+

80% LVR

Maximum LVR of 80%


Very flexible loan terms of up to 6 months


Funds released in 3 business days from instruction


1st or 2nd security charge registered against real estate

Refinance & Debt Consoliation - Eligibility

We are quite flexible in our dealings and are always willing to assist businesses in urgent need of finance.

Loan Term

Ideally, our goal is to help a business get back on its feet as fast as possible, we do not have rigid minimum or maximum loan terms, we always take into account a borrower’s unique circumstance and tailor a solution accordingly.

Loan Amount

In most cases we offer loan amounts starting from $50,000. However in some cases we may lower this threshold depending on the borrower’s circumstances.


A borrower will at least need a property to serve as security. 1st or 2nd security charge registered against real estate.

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